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overnight with grave injuries after running into a crowd of demonstrators in cairo. they have been released from the hospital. but the bravery of some of the reporters is amazing. just to show us what is really happening. thank you. thank you to all of them. our best. from new york, good night, america. this is a fox news alert from new york. tts 10:00 in the morning in egypt and protestors are back on the streets in cairo. live pictures showing a crowd, but so far there is no word on any major clashes. anti-government groups have been urging people to attend today's so-called day of departure rally. they are demanding the immediate resignation of mubarak and the anti-government crowd that is already out there can be heard chanting for mubarak to step down. mubarak who has been president for 30 years has refused to step down saying he will
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remain in control until september's election. this week's protests have been marred with violence. many reporters have been forced to abandon the square after being viciously attacked on wednesday and thursday. once again, live pictures coming in this morning showing people gathered at cairo's tahrir square. there is no word how many people could be there, but it looks like several thousand. anti-government groups had called on their supporters to attend what they call the day of departure demonstration to urge president mubarak to resign. the demonstrators could be seen chanting, but the pictures are not showing signs of violence breaking out yet. stay with fox newschannel for the latest news on these demonstrations in egypt. now back to "red eye" already in progress. >> good to see you, pinch. >> according to a times sports
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reporter, andy pettite decided to retire. and apparently we have a sports section. >> i heard that joke before. >> listen to captain repeats himself. hot, kettle black. >> you are racist. >> i am. he was going to leave, but now he is laying seeming. hasni hangs on. at least eight people have been killed and hundreds wounded in fighting between anti-government demonstrators and pro mubarak supporters. and on thursday, thugish gangs attacked reporters, foreigners and rights workers as the army under roughed up foreign journalists. the internet is returning to egypt, and i think we all needless turmoil and more of this.
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>> that's amazing. you know what is better than one corgi? two. but we knew that. if hosni is hauling, where does leave everyone? some think they are more mainstream than you think. since one deputy announced plans to kill the israeli peace accord, i would say they might not be a barrel of laughs. stones maybe, but not laughs. how bad could this get? >> mb, let's bring in mb when we want a serious discussion and there is no opportunity for laughs. first on the muslim brotherhood. very sophisticated organization, 83 years old. and they are playing this about as well as they could. they are very smart and they understood off the bat they don't want to be out front. their goal is to be in charge. we need to take them seriously. i think they are quite moderate. compared to what? >> compared to people that are
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heading other people so everyone looks moderate. >> the brotherhood is playing this well. they said let them die and they will work and gain from this. the other people playing this right are the israelis. they understood as soon as mubarak said i am not runing in september and my son will not run, that is what you want to get behind. allow him to arc straight the departure and -- orchestrate the departure. i am not a supporter of mubarak, but he is a lot of laughs. what we did wrong was the first few days we played it properly. we did as well as we could in a changing environment. and once mubarak made the announcement, obama should have gone out with a major speech. he should have said, amazing. we congratulate the president in making this concession. we congratulate the supporters
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in this amazing resolution and how they were able to change the course of history and force that issue. give the military time to take control. now what you have got because suddenly obama decides it is expedient to call for change and get mubarak out, you have an egyptian military and they don't know what is going on. they are not sure what the signals are coming from the u.s., and it is a vacuum. that is not a good inning this. >> i just love how now -- why did he do this with iran? i asked this on monday. i don't get why this is different with iran. my favorite person in all of this is hosni's kid. he didn't even think about it. before people were even in the square, he was already on virgin air heading to london with four hookers and a speed ball. the worst kid ever. >> there is a problem with this generation.
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>> there are a lot of things going on here and then you see camels. i am seeing camels. >> i have been fix say theed on this for -- fixated on this for days. the best reality show i have ever seen. they are throwing fire and rocks to each other. it is one of those video games where no one is leveled up yet. it is like you are waiting to get to that next level. you have to mine some gold and buy something. it is really sad. it shows you how destitute the country is. >> they don't even have weapons. >> people that work at fox news and other networks are risking their lives. he was injured -- great, ruin
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his name. >> it is kind of scary. and we wish them well, but is that a sign of december spir ration? >> it is a very disturbing sign. it is very hard to see at this point whose side everyone is on, and there are people who are dlir ratly trying to confuse the situation and make it look like others are -- there are foreign elements. i would not buy mubarak saying they would not instigate this and they are trying to capitalize on the chaos. and that's the time you most need journalists in the mix even if the media is accused of bias. you need somebody from the outside witnessing this who can report on it and videotape it and look at it later. >> the uprising that happened in iran, the last one they had, they pretty much squashed the media. you didn't see anything that
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was happening. they were able to take a heavy hand. but this is being tell viedzed. -- televised. it is hard to roll in with the tanks. >> but it is a very good point you raised. the iranian up -- uprising. -- if you want to go with the big picture and say, you know, it was a plea for self-determination, you have the same thing here. where was the obama administration being forceful in saying we demand to get out now? it is remarkable in a different reaction. >> it is a political move. >> here is a really stupid question. i was saying this before the show. if i am living in new york and across the country in san francisco and union square there is a similar uprising. why did that mean the united states is in revolt? this is obviously where all the action is happening in one place. what is happening in the rest
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of egypt? are they assuming it is over, or is this something that is happening in this square? >> there is always the thought leaders and everything that has taken place. people are coming in from all over the country to take part in this. it just happens to be that this -- this is not a typical of something like this. there is a central point where eventually they all congregate. it becomes the theoretical ground zero for revolution. >> for bill and i it is brian park. >> i get a revolution there every night. >> i don't even know what that means. >> and i am glad you don't. i want to go briefly today. kenneth cole who is a shoe seller -- is that what you call him? a cobbeler? he is a modern day cobbeler. he is sort of an ass. he calls himself socially conscious. he tweeted today about his new spring line.
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millions are in uproar in cairo. the rumor is the new spring collection is available on-line. this created a massive, massive outcry, but the sad thing is i don't get offended. it was poor attempted humor and by the way i am the king of that. but it created a lot of -- the best thing about this stuff is the mockery that follows. and there are a lot of great tweets from a fake guy -- kenneth cole tweets people from new orleans are flooding into kenneth cole stores. jeffrey domer would have eaten our spring collection. and i wrote this, "considering suicide? jump into kenneth cole's new spring collection." bill, he apologized, but the thing i like about it this guy is -- if we had done this this
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guy would have taken us to task. >> he is not just a shoemaker. have you seen his slim fit tees? have you seen his lean of coats? you deserve an apology to kenneth cole. tweet it right now. >> i used to buy his stuff. i love that. >> by the way his stock went up. >> really? >> yes, his stock went up. >> we were talking about egypt? >> i tried to remember how we got started. >> last question before we move on. where does hosni mubarak go? the guy has stashed away millions of dollars or what are they? >> pounds. >> pounds? millions of pounds. where do you think he will go? >> oh man, i don't know. >> the happiest place on
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earth. >> i heard rumors that he is considering joining the so far sigh lept muslim sisterhood. that is around the campfire. >> if they do this right they still have time to walk this dog back. if they do it right and if we could just not -- if we can give them some consistency in the signals we are sending, you could end up with mubarak. now he problem -- probably does have a chance of staying. but get him on out, but allow the military to kind of ease in and take control for a period of time and allow some level of organized opposition to rally for the september election. >> that's just it. who is there? >> that's why you have to give it time. >> the opposition is completely disjointed. >> the irony there is no such thing as sisterhood. especially if the muslim brotherhood is charged. here is the thing and the bottom line is, nobody knows
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what the hell is going on. we have five people here. the smartest person in the room when it comes to this stuff is mike baker, and i am not even convinced he knows what he is talking about. you watch any show and basically all you have to do is sit there and watch it and watch it unfold and you have no idea. maybe there will be a silver lining. you have to hope for the people like greg and olaf and everybody is safe. >> and blame progressives. >> from rebukes to nukes. here is yet another reason why i started inhaling window cleaner. actually neither one. according to cables al-qaeda is producing radio active weapons and they build dirty bombs. this is the most upbeat show ever. the international atomic energy agency privately warned our government that america faces a, quote, nuclear 9/11.
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freight trains were carrying weapons grade nuclear material across kazakstan/russia border. our country's last best hope is this guy. >> there are easier ways to open up a half gallon of santa. pab, i'm scared. this terrifies me. would you hold me? >> me first. >> that was a very original way of asking.
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>> out of everything that came out of this wikileaks thing and dirty bomb thing is they say the smallpox vaccine, the smallpox supply we keep in atlanta is not secure. >> you can stop by and pick it up when ever you want. >> you can scoop up like moth balls. >> like candy. >> as one who had smallpox as a child i am immune. >> that was not smallpox. that was acne scars. >> anthony, so many people paint al-qaeda as a rag tag group that was lucky. this seems to say no. >> i'm kind of in the dark about this one. this would be bad, right? >> it would be bad. >> if they got nuclear weapons? i heard of this for years. you can cow better in -- you can cower in fear or turn your house into a fortress.
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>> the sad thing is you live too far for me. 8aker gave me the best advice. >> it is law legitimate in the sense that we have known for quite awhile. they were focused on the nuclear efforts ever since their beginnings and they have always wanted to. they always wanted to beat 9/11 in their mind. so they have been making this effort, and it is not going to stop. what do they have? they have motivation. they don't need that many resource thees can turn to.
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and by the way -- this is important going back to the first part about a butt load of documents with wikileaks is it takes five, four-drawer safes to make a butt load. it is a metric thing. >> interesting fact. >> i have to tell you jack bower was right. this is like every plot of "24". and it scares me. here is the difference between al-qaeda, islam, radicalism and america is we are impatient. these guys will span 10 years doing this between the first attack on the world trade center and the last one was like, what, nine years? >> and that is cute when you talk about counter terrorism. we keep forgetting because we have add, but we don't understand the mind set that is involved with al-qaeda or the taliban. we are in afghanistan and we hillary solve this problem. well, it is 10 years on, and
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it doesn't matter. we can be another 10 years. we are going to leave. they know. sometimes you leave and sometimes you come back. and that's how they think. >> i will tell this to our audience. like many new yorkers after 9/11 i expected every day to encounter a nuclear suitcase. how i deal with that is what i would like to call the charlie sheen suitcase. it cures what ails me. for the kids out there. that's a message to you. >> when he means kids, he means people over 21 in jail. kids, it is a new thing. the kids, they rock. lolz. coming up, how does she balance being a mom, a wife, news anchor and exotic dancer? patty m brown discusses that. first, what is missing from this year's super bowl? judging from this tape of cheerleaders, i bet it is cheerleaders.
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let's go now to our regular segment called -- the latest on up chuck. he has taken to texting in his drug add deled defense. oxymoron alert. he says, believe nothing. i will never speak of this as long as i live. btw which stands for by the whiskers, two wars and an end
3:23 am
less staimg of sorrow. all you care about is my bull, you know what. >> what is the take? think no more.
3:24 am
>> that's better than "night --" nightline." and the "red eye" analysis. >> foxes just don't get turtles. but the turtles are quite healthy. stop it. does he have a point? i don't even know what . it was. -- point it was. >> the fox is adorable. >> people should worry more about the problems in the world. >> no, it is a great freak show.
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>> he drinks and does coke and makes it to work on the number one show on cbs. i can't have one glass of wine and look at iphone porn and make it to work the next day. he is held up as a hero. >> i love that you enjoy a nice merlot when you look at your iphone. >> yes, winking at something. >> here is what i love about his logic. he sees like the news about him coming from the same kind of pie of news about egypt. so if you watch news on charlie sheen you watch less news about egypt when in fact if you are watching more news about charlie you are just getting less lyndsay lohan news. >> that's what i find so ironic. he says "you guys don't you realize there are two wars going on and egypt is burning, and all you care about is my
3:26 am
bs." he is giving this quote to e. what does e stand for, folks? entertainment. >> i will tell you in his apart meant it doesn't stand for entertainment. he has a direct line. baker -- >> what is the point? >> part of the deal of his life is he chose to be famous to get girls and drugs. he gets the girls and drugs and doesn't want to be famous. he doesn't realize it is part of the same -- >> actually i think he is saying -- he is saying i chose to be famous and doing what i want to do. why do you find it fascinating? i will give him credit. until he did that text i didn't know there were two wars and egypt was burning. i turn for most of my news for charlie sheen which i guess others don't do. he does party in incredible style, and he is a throw back to old hollywood if we think about it. we remember richard burton.
3:27 am
>> remember the porn stars he bought? >> so he is a bit old school. i admire his energy. who are the other bad guys? >> matthew mcconaghey. >> i have to say sheen provides a service. he is a healthy distraction from you. >> absolutely. >> i want to go there. >> i will also add i love his sort of message is "i will never speak about this in my life ever again, but i will text the" f" out of it. >> he won't speak. that's the loophole. >> you don't know, do you? >> there are a lot of things in life with uncertainties. i have -- i >>- q. i have the same problems with sheen that i have with egypt. i don't know. >> we don't know where it is going. >> did you see that camel going head first into his room? >> sheen may not be around in six months. >> who will step in the vacuum if he leaves "two and a half
3:28 am
men"? >> it would be drastic. >> maybe it wos -- if would be hosni. it would be literally two and a half men. do you have an e-mail? fox news .com. 212 hfer 462-5050. coming up, the half time report from andy levy. >> half time report is sponsored by die hard fans. those people whose passion would do anything to support the team. thanks die hard fans.
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this is a fox news alert from new york. it is 10:00 in the morning in egypt and protesters are back on the streets in cairo. live pictures show a huge crowd atta rear square, but no word on clashes. anti-government groups have been urging people to attend today's so-called day of departure rally. they are de pd making the immediate resignation of mubarak and calling on a million people to show up. the anti-government crowd that is already out there looks to be in the thousands and can be heard chanting for mubarak to step down. so far mubarak who has been president for 30 years refused to step down saying he will remain in control until september's election. this week's protests have been marred with violence and many reporters have been forced to
3:33 am
abandon the square after being viciously attacked wednesday and thursday. during the unrest in egypt, there has been lots of speculation about the importance of the muslim brotherhood in this movement. overnight a leading member of the easy law mist group told al jazeera the group has no ambition to seek the presidency. these are live pictures coming in this morning atta rear square. there is no word yet how many people are there. there looks to be several thousand. anti-government groups called on their supporters to attend what they are calling the day of departure demonstration to urmg president mubarak -- to urge president mubarak resigned. it wasn't supposed to start until after prayers, but they can be heard asking him to step down. so far there are no signs of violence breaking out yet. stay with fox news for the latest on the demonstrations. now back to" red eye" already in progress. >> not true, you are a liar. >> i am talking about
3:34 am
mubarak's son fleeing the country. you said like kids today and greg you said he is probably generation x. he is 46. i guess that is technically genx. >> no, 1965 is the cutoff. >> i sort of agree with you, but other people say no. >> i think it makes mim a baby kaboomer. >> he was in it to be the president's son. that's all he wanted and he got the hell out of there. >> i think it is pretty clear that pretty much all of the so-called pro mubarik -- the pro mubarak protestors are part of the regime. >> what i said is he didn't personally direct to commit the violent acts. the violence was not orchestrated by him. >> even if he did not direct it, he is runing a pyramid scheme. >> andrew elizabeth leave -- levey. >> why would you -- it is thursday. this has been going on for
3:35 am
awhile and you came in with that joke. >> it is jokes like that that make my spynks tight. >> forget kenneth cole. you owe the world an apology. >> i tweeted that a week ago. >> of course you did. is it okay to say the u.s. is okay with oppressive regime until the people of the countries start complaining? >> i think it is fine that we act in our own best interest. and it is an imperfect world and oftentimes the choice is not between good and evil. it is between evil and less evil. >> not a bad answer. not a bad answer you neo con piece of crap. >> the world would be a better place if everyone was more like the united states, but we can't do that. >> can't we? >> maybe we can. >> we are trying. >> not really. not anymore. >> anthony, do you think president obama could do more to help the situation in egypt if he was more open about being muslim?
3:36 am
>> i'm appalled. -- look appalled. >> oh andy. i am not even going to dignify that. >> they are close to getting a dirty bomb. pab, what scares you the most is the disclosure that the smallpox supply in atlanta is not considered secure. what amazes me is it is considered as the smallpox store. no wonder it is not secure. it is not going to be secure. >> do you know i have a small box for a card. i have eight punches. i get three more punches and i get a free quart of smallpox. >> greg, those things expire. >> i know. i got like four in my wallet. some have like three punches and another has six. they said i could put them altogether. >> they are cool about that. >> by the way, they do more than smallpox.
3:37 am
>> that's how they started out. it is like tgi fridays. they are open every day. >> try the leper burger. >> yummy. >> anthony, even though i was never invited to the compound, understand m why heading at the first sign of trouble. >> yeah, i invite everybody i know. it is a night of the living dead image i get. friends, family hanging out shooting mutants. >> you actually invited everybody you know so you can sit there from your spot and pick them off as they are coming. >> is mu tapets code for jim -- is mutants code for jim norton? >> you need to sight it in your scopes? >> calling the friends over. >> bring your gold. where that bull's eye t-shirt i got you. you look fetching in that. >> that's a great idea. you hold your annual bull's eye party. everybody comes runing in bill's eye. -- bull's eye.
3:38 am
>> unrest in sheen. anthony, you said you can't have one dwlas of wine and look at iphone porn and make it to work the next day. is that porn made for the iphone or stuff you downloaded and converted to the mp4 video format using the hand break or something? >> it is for the iphone because it is easier to flush the iphone down the toilet. >> bill, you brought up that charlie sheen said he will never speak of this as long as i'm alive. he was talking specifically about the rumor that his dad, martin sheen is seeking a conservative ship. >> i think it is funny he says, as long as i'm alive. so we will talk in a week. >> i am done. >> that you are, my friend, that you are. i use the term friend loosely because i hate you. coming up, does being too
3:39 am
handsome ever get exhausting? myc baker explains. -- mike baker explains. look how tired he is. and what is the one thing missing from this year's super bowl beside from my world famous half time key lime pie? i don't feel like making it this year. get off my back.
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do vee -- vegan's named ted get more head? or dale get more tail? meat eaters are sexier according to one poll. they found vegetarian men are seen as less masculine than meat eaters, even by women who don't eat meat themselves. >> oh! easy fell law. >> one researcher spleens -- what's wrong with me? over the course of history, men have been closely
3:43 am
associated with power and privilege, a staple for gentry and a rare treat for peasants. also a rare treat, my abs, but you knew that anyway. or did you? let's discuss this in a segment we like to call -- >> stories we sort of like, but still wanted to talk about, so let's quickly do them now. >> you told me you would date a serial killer before a vegan. >> i did not. i think it is interesting. i saw this peta woman saying she didn't find meat eaters sexy at all. she could smell the meat. >> she should try to smell pee after asparagus and then talk. >> i have gone out with some vegans in my day, and they are literally a pain in the ass to go out with. where do you want to go? oh i have to pick a restaurant
3:44 am
80 miles away that starts with tofurky? >> when somebody is -- they just -- you know they are an imposition is the word i am looking for. vegetarianism is an imposition on on human beings. >> i agree. i have been to restaurants in groups where there will be one vegan and they will -- i have seen where they will actually call the chef out and say, is it possible you could do this, and by the way do this in a separate pan because i really don't want that pan to have been used? >> have i to say i am like that with seafood. if i go to a japanese restaurant and there is a scent of see food on my meat i will not eat it. and i may actually burn the place down which may go too far. bill, most of the meat you get comes from the dumpster outside of applebys. does that make you less of a vegetarian? >> i am a voar rashes meat
3:45 am
eaters. and yes i am a vegetarian. a british university professor is calling out ikea for the ridiculous maze-like layout. allen penn says the trick is because the layout is so confusing you know you won't be able to go back and get it later so you pop it in your trolley as you go past. trolley means underwear, right? anyway -- what is wrong with me. anthony, ikea is genius. you go in there and you never turn around. >> it really is. i have been in there a few times. it gave me a twilight zonish feeling where i kept ging around. at one point i was crying to my girlfriend and i said i think i am dead and in hell. turned out we were just in ikea. >> they say you are like ikea in that once you go mike baker you never go back. >> they do often say that. yeah, i think it is a gender thing here.
3:46 am
i don't know any guy, myself included that likes going to ikea. >> i disagree 100%. >> i hate it. i think it is a gender thing. that's what i'm talking about. >> how dare you? i said this before, go to ikea and right where the entrance is is the exit. there is the exhave it and it is awesome going backwards. it is like a reverse spin ball machine. bill, we actually purchased you in ikea. what was your ikea name? >> i don't even know what an ikea product looks like because i won't purchase anything that requires assembly. >> when will people figure out that ikea furniture is made of candy and you can eat it? >> i didn't know that part. but, yeah, -- >> you don't have to answer that question. >> kiss me on the cheek if you want. >> it is just -- you know,
3:47 am
they don't really sell much stuff on-line, so they do force you to go to the store. that bothers me. i use the internet for everything. >> so i have heard. >> rub it in for the egyptians, why don't you? >> what i don't like is the professor's assumption is we are idiots being tricked by ikea, when in fact ikea has done more to help people with limited means like students than this professor ever has. this professor is too busy hiping up students than teaching them. screw you, person i never met. for the first time in 145 years of the super bowl there will be no cheerleaders. that's because the packers and steelers are two of the only six nfl teams without squads of their own. the obvious joke is they are packers why would they have cheerleaders, but i won't go there. bill, heartbreaking for you because you love the cheerleaders. >> i do. thanks for making me sound straight, dude. a lot of chicagoans are
3:48 am
celebrating the fact that this is the 25th anniversary of the chicago bears winning the super bowl. i lament this is the 25th anniversary of the honey bears. i bet in the nfl in the next couple years because goodell has turned it into a no fun area that no team will have cheerleaders. >> i find female cheerleaders to be extremely distracting. i find all women in stadiums to be distracting. shouldn't the super bowl and major sporting events have no women at all? >> even in the stands? >> no fans. >> welcome to the muslim brotherhood. >> who -- they will have the treats for their men. >> they hardly ever show the cheerleaders at all during these games, so it doesn't matter. >> it matters to the people in the stands. >> to them it is different. they never show them on tv. >> what do you make of this? >> it is 2011. maybe in the 1970s when they would show the cheerleaders and you are like, oh, the
3:49 am
dallas cowboy cheerleaders, that's sexy. i could click my mouse twice and there is a dog and peanut butter that blow away a girl in short skirts. >> or a dog and a cheerleader. >> mike baker, you are actually -- >> what a father. >> baker was actually a cheerleader for a racquetball player. >> really? >> you were in there for a good five years cheering him on. >> you guys do have a research department. wow that's digging back in the past. i disagree with anthony and i usually don't because he has the world's greatest radio show. >> thank you, sir. >> but i'm a big fan of cheerleaders. >> that's about as quick as i can get. i like how i have to say the lightning round is over. time for another break. we are coming back so don't go anywhere.
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>> it is like an italian version of the movie" juice." >> is that where all of our old camcorders went? >> that was really poor quality. >> i don't know. i thought -- >> it is rare you see something with the crap service table in production.
3:55 am
>> that was actually from a movie about the mofia in which they have music numbers. >> no, it wasn't a movie about a mofia where they have music. we have eyes. they have eyes. we will close things out -- you are so mean. it is the post game wrap up with andy levy. to see clips of recent shows, here is footage of we have been using for four years.
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back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. any big super bowl predictions? >> actually i'm thinking anti-mubarak over pro mubarak 10 points by sunday.
3:59 am
>> the spread is only three and a half, i think. >> i'm a gambler. >> my pick is the black eyed peas are going to suck. >> hardly a bet, my friend. >> mike, what are you shamelessly plugging this time? >> the cia officers' memorial foundation. go to network for good on the internet. look at it. it supports the children family of fallen agency officers. a very good cause. >> i believe it is a network for good and i believe it is dot com. >> how many are there? are there many that die every year? >> it is -- >> i think he needs a smart ass answer like that. >> don't want to talk about it. >> that's my point. you can't talk about it. >> that's why i am talking about it now.

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